The girl came running into the house with a surprise for Ma. She had one hand cupped over the other and had a pleading look on her face.
“Ma, would you do me a big favor?”
Ma knew better than to say yes without first knowing what the favor might be; however, Ma was preoccupied working in her aviary, getting cages built for her ever growing population of orphaned birds that she nursed back to health. She absentmindedly said, “Yes.” The opened her hands to show Ma a little yellow fuzz ball—a baby chicken only about three or four days old.—excerpt from page 3, “A Baby Chick Finds a Home”

Ma was also an artist and familiar with the works of many famous painters. She was watching the chicken
pecking and scratching its food one day and the markings reminded her of some of Picasso’s later works,
primarily those that were abstracts, so she named the chicken Picasso.—excerpt from page 5, “The Baby Chick Acquires a Name”

It is rumored that chickens will eat any and all table scraps—but not Picky. Picky preferred tuna salad
sandwiches, fresh corn, baked potato with butter and sour cream, beef roast, steak, bologna, cereal with milk, broccoli, raisins, peanuts, and pecans.—excerpt from page 6, “Picky Prefers a Gourmet Diet”

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