Picky the Marvelous Chicken

How Picky’s Story Will Make You Want to Keep Chickens as Pets Too


Keeping a chicken as a pet may sound a little too odd to most people. It certainly doesn’t adhere to what are considered “traditional” pets. However, my book, Picky the Marvelous Chicken, can change your mind on the matter!

Picky the Marvelous Chicken is based on the true story of a woman who raised a Rhode Island red hen and trained it as a pet.  The true events that occurred as the woman raised the hen were used as inspirations to set the tone of the story, as well as to develop the personalities of the characters in the story. Picky is the main character of the story, based on the Rhode Island red hen the woman kept. The woman, on the other hand, is depicted through another main character, Ma, who reflects the love and patience the woman gave in raising the hen as her own pet.


But do chickens really make good pets in actual life? The character of Picky, the marvelous chicken, will tell you so! She proves that chickens can integrate themselves into their owners’ homes just like dogs, cats, and other pets considered traditional can. They too are capable of assimilating themselves to their owner’s lives and family. And the popular belief that chickens can’t be trained and perform cool tricks? It turns out to be nothing but a myth. It is challenged in this story as Picky shows otherwise. Also, as the true-to-life story unravels, it’s discovered that chickens can be pretty clingy to and protective of their owners too!

Picky the Marvelous Chicken

The book was written with the goal of giving an intimate and vivid look at what exactly it would be like for a family and for individuals to have a chicken as a pet—from being a bed buddy, to stress reliever, to being the backyard bodyguard, the list goes on!

Its readers describe the book as a “unique tale” and “a story worth sharing.” It is also highly recommended by parents to others as a good bedtime story to read to their kids. Picky’s antics are sure to leave their kids in awe.

Moreover, the book is a true narrative people of all ages should read. It may have been set to have children as its main audience, but it also appeals to adults as the story reveals that their pet choice doesn’t always have to be traditional in order to achieve that sense of fulfillment and affection in owning one.

So if you’re thinking about which animal you should keep as pets, check out my book, Picky the Marvelous Chicken, and see why having chickens as pets is the best choice!

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